On Writing

Eventually when you’ve spun enough b2b copy to write the book on it and have enough rejection letters to plaster your bathroom, you may start to call yourself a writer. But you are not. You are still a corporate bitch and may remain a corporate bitch until you reach the highest level. Hunter S.Thompson once said ‘I am just a writer without a voice’ and until your voice becomes loud enough for all to hear, you are too. To begin to master the craft you need to develop a style that is not only unique, is also consistent enough to be regarded as gospel. When you seek out great literature you go by name, not subject. Few writers have managed to aspire to this level, and even fewer in their lifetime.

If you are one of those fortunate individuals that daylight shines from between your legs I tip my hat to you. You may now call yourself a writer. For you the freelance world is now your oyster and your grace and presence will be felt in any publishing house and media outlet privileged enough to receive you. Your name will be your calling card and your symbol will be shone into the night sky whenever someone needs guidance on whatever subject you have mastered. From this point anything that falls from between that glowing crevasse will be raised up on a pedestal in a sycophantic ritual and you shall never want for anything again.

For many, this level of elevation will be too dizzying, the pressure all too great. But this is the level that must be achieved if you want to make it as a writer. It is a great privilege to be a writer as it will be you that warps and shifts the cultural perspective. It is not simply a soapbox; it is a medium for provoking thought, emotion and most importantly, challenging the current paradigms. Some of the greatest science fiction writers have changed the way we look at our world and shaped the future of technology, some of the greatest journalists have brought the world’s attention to globally salient matters changing the tone of the planet’s conversation.

Before you go out and declare that you are a writer consider these facts. Heavy is the head that wears the crown and it’s up to you as a freelancer or otherwise, to bring something to the table. It is not simply enough just to put words together eloquently. True you could become an excellent copywriter or make a quick buck writing the next ’12 steps to a better life’, but the true writers are the ones that will transcend the mundane and give their readers something truly inspiring.

Make no mistake, the road to being a real writer is a long one. But for those that make it, is the chance to be revered as one of the greats of our time, shaping, evolving, and developing our understanding of ourselves, and the world we live in. If like me, you desire to be a writer, consider the responsibility you have for being a real writer, and before you publish some eloquent rant such as this, ask yourself truly what you have to bring to the cultural perspective.

Signed: The Marketing Manager for Quality Control