2012 Emergency Procedure

When it comes to 2012 theories regarding the end of the Mayan calendar and possibly with it the world, the schools of thought are divided into two categories; those who believe in global chaos and apocalyptia, and those who believe in spiritual salvation (as well as the third option, business as usual). Most of the theories have been derived from the so-called planetary alignment allegedly occurring Dec 21 2012, the winter solstice. A time when the planet orbits into the Galactic central point (and the theorised Photon Belt) and comes into alignment with our Sun and a black hole circling outside our solar system.

Such theories have not been supported by NASA who determine that the movement of our planet into the Dark Rift around the winter solstice is merely a coincidence, and indeed the planet is closer to Galactic central point a few days previously. Indeed NASA revealed last year about several comets including Elenin, which caused a large amount of upheaval among New Age theorists as there was debate over whether Elenin was in fact a brown dwarf star on a collision course with our solar system. This was spliced with some factual information such as the alignment with Elenin and our planet and several major earthquakes 27/03/2010 (Chile), 04.09.2010 (New Zealand) and 11.032011 (Japan) to bolster opinion that Elenin was not a comet as NASA had confirmed. The resulting hype forced groups of people into geographically ‘safer’ zones such as Bugurach, a small town on the French side of the Pyrenees mountains.

Ironically the rumours were dispelled on August 19th 2011 when Elenin was hit by one of the Coronal Mass Ejection’s it was said to be creating and the whole thing disintegrated into the Sun. This isn’t the first time the ‘doomsday’ card has been played. In fact according to one source there have been over 200 attempts on the planet’s life and counting. Let’s not forget the Christian Rapture which was supposed to occur around the same time on May 21st 2011. By admission, you reading this article means it didn’t happen.

So the other being a spiritual revolution. A time when all humankind will go through a transformation into a more spiritually based society, instead of a materially based one. A much more difficult theory to prove as consciousness is intangible and thought to be evolving constantly. True that certain technologies have brought an almost exponential increase in the evolution of cognition. The Internet and Globalisation have done their part in spreading ideas and communication around the globe, but to say that during our passage through the winter solstice this year all of mankind will experience a positive change in consciousness seems a little far-fetched.

Take the 100th monkey effect, which is a popular urban myth made famous by Ken Keyes. Jr’s book ‘The Hundredth Monkey’. In which, after a certain number of monkeys adopted a particular behaviour, the remaining population were granted a ‘consciousness upgrade’  and had learned the new behaviour without any prior observation. This effect was later found to be discredited but still remains a parable for many New Age theorists.

For those who are sitting on their hands, waiting for God, or a planetary alignment to come and save them from the problems in this world, they might find this ‘consciousness evolution’ will pass them by. In all likelihood 2012 will not be the fire and brimstone many have pictured in their minds from sensationalist media outlets and propagandists. In all likelihood it will be just another day on the calendar, any calendar. But I don’t blame anyone for feeling like we are heading for the end of days. You only have to turn on the television to be bombarded with talk of war, economic collapse, political instability, terrorism and irreversible climate change.

Believing all the hype the planet is in a pretty sorry state and it would be understandable if you packed your bags and moved out to a remote location in the mountains, away from it all. But these have become global issues and it is up to us as a planet to make the positive changes we would like to see. Remember that in this world there is always a choice and we all have the power to make a positive difference everyday.

Featured below is an inspirational piece created by Christopher A. Wills, a prominent contemporary artist. Entitled ‘2012 – Emergency Procedure’ it highlights the fork in the road that society is walking. To continue controlled through fear, global corporation, waste-for-profit and genetically modified produce, or to change and use the resources and intelligence to create a loving, sustainable future that nurtures the growth of our planet. The consciousness revolution will not be televised, nor will it be a planetary alignment. It is up to each individual to make a difference in their own world and to create the reality they wish to inhabit.

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