Heralded as ‘Cumbria’s finest live act’, are a live dance music 4-piece that have taken the party scene by storm since their fated meeting in 2007. As much as the members were fused together on top of a mountain, in a creative, primordial, melting pot, their musical influences were sprinkled in for good measure. Taking everything from breaks, to latin, funk and drum and bass, fuse the electronic with the acoustic, the synthetic with the organic, in a set that leaves you feeling like you crammed a festival line-up into a small jar of rum and cider, shook it up, and downed it whole.

Being described by one fan as ‘The Prodigy meets Daft Punk, wrapped in a blanket of techno’ you get an idea of the kind of sound. With a solid, live, rhythm and vocal section to get your booty shaking with prominent beats that sucker-punch you, wide basslines that fill your trousers, and all while euphoric vocals send your head into the ether, leaving just enough room to fill the creamy middle with some irresistibly electric grooves.

This 4-some have been making enough noise from the mountains of Penrith to grab the attention of many prolific artists such as, The Herbaliser, D.J Yoda, Far Too Loud, and even the mighty Eat static, and have also wandered on to many festival line-up’s such as Solfest, Beat Herder, and Eden Valley. This is truly a mud-trudging, soul-swinging, epic of a live act, guaranteed to inject a pulse into any lifeless raver, regardless of the hour.