This is a short story about a drug-fueled, paranoid weekend; being part of a small crew volunteering at a festival. This story is for fictional purposes only. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

You can download the PDF here. I have also included the transcript below.


Taunton. A sleepy town host to around 55 thousand individuals; church-going retired folk who’s height of excitement is a wander in the countryside and tea and scones at Bumbles Coffee Lounge. I sat in the corner of Bumbles scanning the creased faces trying to piece together how this place came to the misfortune of hosting a 72-hour fuck-fest on its prize racecourse. Did they have any idea that in a matter of days this town would be taken over by hordes of unhinged, drug-addled dope-fiends?

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This week I have mostly been occupying myself with the idea of becoming self-employed. For too long I have toiled in the employment market doing other people’s work and for other people’s gain. If you are someone who has worked in an environment resembling a Chinese sweatshop then the idea of being your own boss will probably sound like cream in a doughnut. For some it’s an unsurpassed level of freedom, being able to set your own hours and run your working life in your own sweet time. For others, it’s a complete logistical nightmare; being snowed under with paperwork and trying to arrange your own accounts for when the dreaded self-assessment comes around. For me, it was a knee-jerk reaction caused by finally losing my patience with the stagnant politics and ‘Eastenders’ style drama that comes from any group of individuals malnourished of intellectual stimulation. It was either that, or go Postal.

When it comes to 2012 theories regarding the end of the Mayan calendar and possibly with it the world, the schools of thought are divided into two categories; those who believe in global chaos and apocalyptia, and those who believe in spiritual salvation (as well as the third option, business as usual). Most of the theories have been derived from the so-called planetary alignment allegedly occurring Dec 21 2012, the winter solstice. A time when the planet orbits into the Galactic central point (and the theorised Photon Belt) and comes into alignment with our Sun and a black hole circling outside our solar system.